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Time for a new name! EyebizaFilm has officialy changed to BRNDRZ.
“Same quality, same crew, now your worldwide partner” with an office on Ibiza.
“Filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration.”

After a long career in Dutch Advertising and TV production Nathalie Moser started EyebizaFilm. In the last 15 years she build up a team with tremendous production and post-production experience. Because of our experience in the Netherlands, England, Spain and Germany we are able to offer you high standards and a professional service.

We have established solid relationships with the local councils making it possible to get permissions and permits quickly and easily. At the same time we discovered the most beautiful locations and villas on the island for the most impressive shots in movies and photo shoots. The autumn and spring are beautiful to produce on Ibiza.

The last three summers were very special for us, because we had the honor to work with great directors. One of them was director Johan Nijenhuis for the successful movie: Loving Ibiza. The whole movie was shot on Ibiza and it was – besides a great challenge – a fantastic experience. In 2013 we produced a TV serial as a follow-up of the movie, also called ‘Loving Ibiza’. They were our guests on the island for almost four months.

Spring 2014 we cooperated with the famous director Barbet Schroeder for the film “Amnesia”. He is also known from the movies ‘More’ and ‘Single white female’ and ‘Barfly’. In Autumn 2014 we produced the film “Blood Orange” with mr. Iggy Pop as lead character, directed by Toby Tobias.

On our ‘work’ page you will find a complete list of movies, television shows, video clips, commercials and photo shoots. Please do not hesitate to contact us for planning the perfect execution of your production on Ibiza.


“Video and Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”

Planning a movie, photo shoot, commercial or a television show on Ibiza? Eyebizafilm helps you accomplish the production exactly like you imagined. We provide all the services for your professional production. We deliver a high quality and are still able to work rapidly and effectively.

We can take care of the whole production or a part of it. Think about supplying the necessary equipment, crew, transport, art departments and permits. Even when you need assistance with the casting of your production we can help you find the right actors.

EyebizaFilm does everything to contribute to a tremendous result for your production. 


“The perfect location is in line with the occurred time of the story, the main characters and their emotions.”

With 10 years of experience we dare to say we know every inch of Ibiza and the small island Formentera. Industrial, natural, spiritual, luxurious, modern or authentic locations; Ibiza has it all! We inspire you with locations, which add the ultimate atmosphere to your production.

Share your thoughts and wishes with us and we help you accomplish the perfect production.

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