about us:

After a long career in Dutch Advertising and TV production, we have teamed up with people in Ibiza with the same high standards so that we can offer the professional service you and I take for granted.

In the eight years that Eyebizafilm has been working in Ibiza, we have brought together a team with tremendous production and post-production experience from working in both the Netherlands, England and Germany.

We have established solid relationships with the local councils so we can get permissions and permits quickly and easily, if applicable. And, of course, we have built up an impressive network of locations and villas that are happy to have us shooting there.

This last summer 2012 was a very special one as we got the great honor to work with director Johan Nijenhuis on the very succesfull movie " In Love on Ibiza". The hole movie was shot on Ibiza and was -besides a great challenge- a fantastic experience. Eyebizafilm thanks all local crew memebers involved and locals that assisted us. See trailer on the right side. You'll find the complete list of clients and jobs in the "work" section.